Buying Hearing Aids the Sonus Hearing Care Professionals Way

At Sonus Hearing Care Professionals, our approach to providing you with hearing solutions is unique in that is centered entirely on you. Because we don’t manufacture hearing aids we sell many of today’s leading brands, so we have a completely unbiased approach to finding the best solution for your individual needs. We call it the Sonus Patient-CenteredSMApproach, and this simple process includes:

1. Listening to your needs

Sonus┬«Hearing Care Professionals conduct an initial hearing screening. We discuss your lifestyle so that we can understand your different listening environments. If your initial exam shows you have hearing loss, we’ll conduct one of the most comprehensive evaluations available to pinpoint the exact type and extent of hearing loss you may be experiencing.

2. Creating a custom hearing solution just for you

Taking into account your hearing abilities and your lifestyle, we craft a hearing solution just for you. This means offering you a wide selection of some of the best hearing aids available from the top manufacturers, including custom programming the technology and fitting them to address your hearing needs.

3. Providing ongoing service

It’s not just a consultation, it’s a commitment. Sonus Hearing Care Professionals offers up to three years of warranties, batteries, and other services. We’ll take care of everything so you can relax and simply enjoy your improved hearing.

So get started and schedule an appointment today.