Family and Friends Concerns

You might be here because a loved one has expressed that they think you may be suffering from hearing loss. Millions of Americans know someone who has hearing loss, and many of them have gone through the same experiences you have: strained conversations over the phone or in person, and the frustration of not having solid proof of hearing loss.

We’re here to help.

Our website has a wealth of information so you can better understand hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids. We encourage you to read about how hearing works, signs and symptoms, types of hearing loss, and causes of hearing loss, among other things.

Understand that accepting hearing loss can be a process.

People experiencing hearing loss go through something similar to a mourning process. Recognizing these stages can help you understand your hesitation to get help. First is denial. You don’t believe you have a hearing problem and can’t talk about it with others. Second is withdrawal. Sometimes a person retreats from social situations and activities. Anger is the next stage. You may become frustrated and less tolerant with others. Next you could be depressed at the realization of your hearing loss.

Remember, you are not alone.

Nearly 35 million Americans suffer from hearing loss and millions wear hearing aids. They include presidents, actors and actresses, heads of major corporations, athletes, and people in all walks of life. Hearing loss doesn’t have to hinder one’s life.
Know that hearing problems can be effectively treated.

Most confirmed cases of hearing loss can be successfully managed. While their hearing may not be fully restored, most people are amazed by the improvement they notice.

Research by the National Council on Aging found that:

  • Treatment of hearing loss improves relationships at home
  • Using hearing aids is associated with reductions in anger, frustration, paranoia, and anxiety
  • People using hearing aids report better health than people who don’t use them
  • 9 out of 10 hearing aid users report improvements in their quality of life.
  • Take the first easy step now by scheduling an appointment with a Sonus®Hearing Care Professional.