About Our Hearing Center

The Sonus Hearing Care Professionals Difference

We work hard to make hearing easy

Your experience with Sonus Hearing Care Professionals will be entirely different from other hearing care providers. Through our Patient Centered Approach, our Audiologist will listen to you and ask questions to fully understand your needs. We combine the information you provide with the results of your hearing evaluations to create customized hearing solutions.

We offer a wide selection of some of the best hearing aids available from the top manufacturers, so our recommendations are unbiased and work for your particular situation. We even have a risk-free 75 day trial period, one of the longest in the industry, to make sure your hearing aids are the right ones for you.

The Sonus Hearing Care Professional Difference doesn’t stop there. We not only want you to have the right hearing solution, we keep our promise to provide ongoing support. Our Sonus Solution packages are designed to give you superior warranty coverage and free batteries for up to three years as well as free follow-up visits, so you can enjoy your improved hearing without worry. Because at Sonus Hearing Care Professionals, we don’t just sell hearing aids; we make a commitment to help you hear better.

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