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Hearing Loss

How Hearing Works

We rely on it so much, yet most of us take our good hearing for granted. Your sense of hearing is an amazing and complex system. One that requires professional screenings and care to help you enjoy it fully as you mature in life.

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Preventing Hearing Loss

Your hearing is a precious resource, one you need to actively protect. Did you know that up to one-third of hearing loss is preventable with proper hearing protection and by taking a few simple precautions?

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Hearing Loss Symptoms

If you're not sure you're experiencing hearing loss, know that you are not alone. Nearly 35 million Americans suffer from hearing loss but since it happens gradually, most people don't recognize the signs for quite some time and need to have it pointed out to them by a friend or family member.

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Online Hearing Test

Take our online hearing test to see if you hearing loss can benefit from the use of our high quality hearing aids or other hearing products.

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Types of Hearing Loss

Put simply, problems found in different parts of the ear will cause different types of hearing loss. Here are the three types and some of their causes and symptoms.

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Causes of Hearing Loss

At Sonus, we're here to help you understand everything about your hearing, including reasons for loss and how to protect it.

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Musicians Hearing Loss and Prevention

Musicians, from classical orchestras to rock groups, are exposed to high decibel volume ranges. Hearing is important to the livelihood of a musician. Musical performance may create sounds loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss.

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